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The tour begins in the morning. Your guide and driver will pick you up in reception at your hotel. We will drive 30 minutes to the village of St. John Under the Cliff.


St John under the Cliff is a picturesque little village in the Central Bohemian Region, Beroun district, about 30 km southwest of Prague and 5 km east of Beroun. It is situated in the heart of the Protected Landscape Area: Český Kras.








You will be  literally overwhelmed by the beautiful unspoiled countryside and the historic buildings. This is a wonderful romantic place where it is pleasant to walk around and see a place which the normal tourist does not visit.


Following the visit to St. John Under the Cliff, we will drive about 1 hour drive to an actual working Czech horse farm. This farm is owned by a very nice Czech family, Katty and Pavel and their two children. Katty is at home with the children and looks after the farm and horses. Pavel works with the horses as a stuntman. They both love horses and enjoy teaching people to ride. In addition to the horses they own they also board horses for other people. Several years ago, when they bought the farm, it was a run-down piece of land. Piece by piece they are repairing and re-building the place. Being there you will feel like a part of their family.


Upon arrival you will be invited to a traditional Czech lunch made by the owners and eat together with the family. (We had vegetable soup and goulash with dumlings and it was really delicious!) You will be warmly welcomed, and share converstaion about living in the rural Czech Republic. You will feel like a friend, not a tourist.


After the lunch Katty will show you the farm, explain about the horses and take you to the ring to teach you some basics about horesback riding. Or, alternately, she will take you on a horseback ride through the beautiful countryside. The beginner, intermediate or advanced rider will have lots of fun! Children adore!  Afterward you can have a coffee, relax and talk while your kids have the opportunity to play in a small swimming pool.


At the end of the day you will be trully sorry the tour is over and  its time to go back to Prague. ..

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