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Czech Folklore: Dinner, Drinks, Show and Traditional Atmosphere


You will love this adventure!!! You will be picked up at your hotel, chauffeured to the festivities and you will be returned to your hotel when finished.


Price 1180,- CZK per person


Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a glass of mead (honey wine) - a traditional Czech liqueur. Dinner will be served "family style": a variety of traditional Czech dishes will be served in center table and beer, wine and soft drinks are provided in unlimited supply. As you enjoy your meal in the Czech village atmosphere, the show will begin. The folklore show is performed by dancers and musicians dressed in traditional Czech costumes and emceed by your show host. During the show, you can participate in the singing and dancing with a little guidance and encouragement from the performers. During the last part of the evening (according to the guests' nationality), the show goes international! Songs will be played and then a dancing party and singing contest follow. The whole evening is a rollicking adventure!


The show lasts two and a half hours, from 19:00 or 20.00 to 21:30 or 22.30.


It is great fun, authentic food, unlimited drinks and exposure to Czech tradition - a night you don't want to miss!!



"I had a great night at the Folklor Show. The drinks (wine, beer, non-alcoholic choices) are non-stop. The food was plentiful and delicious; atmosphere very friendly. The guests are grouped by country of origin so you will find much to discuss with your table-mates. During the dancing, I joined an "odd-man out" dance: 4 men, 3 women and a broom--yes, you guessed it. Odd man gets the broom--but not for long--the music starts and when it stops, abandon the broom and get a girl as all must switch partners! It was all great fun. I highly recommend it."   


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